In addition to our professional teacher recruitment services here, which is central to our service offering, we also provide a comprehensive training service to our clients.

All training is conducted and managed through our training company, TFA Academy which is part of TFA Education Group, in conjunction with our strategic education partners based in Ireland, the United Kingdom and North America. We provide and run training courses for our schools who have specific staff training requirements or who identify opportunities locally to develop new revenue streams.

The current range of courses at TFA Academy includes:

  • Leadership & Management in Education
  • Online English Level Testing
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Foreign Teachers)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (Local Teachers)
  • Teaching IELTS Exam Preparation
  • Teaching Grammar Specialist Certificate
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching Large Class Sizes
  • Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers

Our service to our schools and teachers and our relationship with each is essential to what we do. Aligning our training capabilities with the demands and opportunities presented in international education is a key area for our on-going development as a company. In-class training is currently provided in Ireland, the UK and South Korea with new centres to be confirmed soon in Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

Many schools are now opting to have cohesion in terms of the ELT certifications they will accept from applicants in order the meet the requirements of a visa application. We have become the preferred certification provider for new-hire foreign teachers with several of our client schools.

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