You can download a copy of our professional client school brochure to learn more about the professional teacher recruitment service we provide. Below we have listed some of the main elements of our service that we can provide for your school.

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Full Service Recruitment: We take pride in our comprehensive recruitment process. We understand the importance of having the very best candidates join your team and fit into your organization’s culture - that’s why we spend time with our clients understanding their specific needs.

With our full service recruitment, you can outsource a lot of your teacher and staff-hiring process to us. We will deal with many of the important aspects of hiring top quality staff to join your teams, including the following:

  • Sourcing the ideal candidates
  • Numerous screening interviews
  • Background and qualification checks where required
  • Assisting in arranging interviews between the candidate and the school
  • Visa application assistance
  • Post-arrival support for new teachers
  • On-going contact and feedback

Highly Personalised Service: We maintain regular communication with both our teachers and our client schools in order to tailor our service to their specific needs. We make a point of visiting our client schools to learn more about their requirements and get to know the team personally. We are known for this high level of personal service both to our client schools and to each of our individual teacher candidates and we have built up a strong reputation for being flexible and easy to work with.

Professional Experienced Team: Our team of trained recruitment consultants have all lived and taught in Asia, so they understand the industry, the challenges and the personality traits required to live and teach in Asia. Our thorough screening process ensures that our teachers have the highest academic requirements but are also positive and enthusiastic about coming to teach in Asia.

Regular Communication: We make a point of getting in contact with our teachers throughout their contract period, during their first weeks to ensure the integration goes smoothly for both teacher and school, and we maintain regular contact with both parties throughout the course of contract. As a testament to the quality of our process, a large percentage of teachers sign contracts for subsequent years with the school they are placed in, so our potential clients can look at this as a smart long-term investment.

High Volume, High-quality Candidates: We have dedicated online job advertising websites and numerous market channels for advertising roles and sourcing candidates, but we can also leverage our vast database of potential candidates. This combined with our strong presence on all the key social media platforms enable us to provide a very strong teacher recruitment service with the ability to source high quality, high volume candidates at short notice.

The five main types of candidates we process for our client schools are listed below:

  • Professionally certified Teachers
  • Principals and other leadership roles
  • High quality ESL Teachers
  • Administrative staff
  • Short-term contracts

90 Day Guarantee: We offer a 90-day guarantee on all successful placements. This ensures that our client schools are covered in the event of a teacher’s contract being terminated with the 90-day period. We should emphasize that this is very rare due to our highly personalized service and we aim to manage any problems so that they never get to that stage. But if it does occur, we will find an immediate replacement teacher free of charge. This will be detailed in any contractual agreement with TFA. It should be noted that we will have separate agreements with each school or organization so it may differ from what is stated above.

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