You will need to email the following: 2 reference letters (signed and scanned) and scanned copies of your passport, degree certificate, TEFL certificate and CRC. You will also need to bring the originals of all these documents with you to China. Check out China Applications for more details and once you apply, our admin team will provide you with more detailed info on the application process.
Some of our client schools provide housing that you can move into on arrival, while others provide a monthly stipend towards your rent. In most cities in China, when you move in to a new apartment, you may be required to pay 2-3 months’ rent plus 1 month as a deposit plus an agency fee. In most cases, the school can help out with this and can lend you an interest free loan if required but it helps to have some extra money with you at the start to cover these expenses.
You will be required to have a medical check-up before your contract starts. This could be in your home country or upon arrival in China. Some schools will cover the costs of the medical examination and will reimburse you for the cost, so please make sure you keep the receipts and bring these with you.
To quality for our high end teaching roles at these schools, you would need professional teaching qualifications combined with a minimum of 2 yrs teaching experience in your specialist subject area. We do also work with several IB schools that will consider teachers without professional certification who have many years of teaching experience along with the relevant major from their university studies. We can discuss this in more detail with you once you schedule a skype consultation with one of our team.
Yes we recruit for subject teachers for both Spring (February/March) and Fall (August/September) start dates as well as filling vacancies at other times during the year.
We have placed teachers with schools up to 12 months in advance of their start date so it’s never too early!
The majority of our teaching contracts with INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS are 2 yrs in duration. We do have a selection of contracts for 12 months and some of the more senior roles (dept head, Vice Principal, Principal etc) can be 3 yrs or longer.
We work with several high end private schools that cater for local students who use one of the recognised international curriculums, in particular, the IB curriculum. We have placed many of our ESL teachers into roles teaching subjects corresponding to their major of study. The in-house training is excellent and this acts as a bridge for teachers who want to upskill and gain professional teaching qualification at a later date. For example, if your major of study is English Literature and you already have several years of ESL classroom experience, we could help you find a position teaching at one of these high end IB schools. Check out our International School Jobs Board to get an idea of what is available.
Schools typically cover the folloiwng costs: visa, hotel accommodation on arrival, medical check reimbursement and some have a relocation allowance
Yes, we work with several IB curriculum schools right up to high end International Schools, which prepare candidates for top unviersities.
For most of our International Schools, a teaching certification plus a minimum of 2 year's teaching experience in the subject area is required.
Some of our International Schools provide an allowance for relocation, or may offer other benefits to offset this. This will be clear from the job details on the website or from the initial job 4information provided to you by our recruitment team.
This will depend on the given school; many of them will cover family visa costs, however, the school places will depend on their availabilityof places for the given age of child and semester.

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